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A rediscovered pleasure.

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Does anyone have a rediscovered sexual pleasure,something they havent done for a while and only rediscovered when they started punting.Mine is anal sex.Its over 30 years since I did it until I started meeting working girls,It only happened with one girl,I was 17 just joined the RAF and doing my training at a place near the Chilterns.A few of us got an invite to a dance at a posh private girls school near Tring,a girl heard my NE accent and that was it she did all the running(I wasnt complaining).We saw a lot of each other over the next few months,when one weekend her parents went away and I managed to get a 36 hour pass.What a weekend I still get goosebumps thinking about it now,anyway after one session she got on her hands and knees and said she wanted me to hurt her,well I gently slapped her backside untill she stopped me and said while it was very nice it wasnt quite what she had in mind and could I put my dick where the sun doesnt shine,well I was shocked I was a niave 17 year old,never heard of that before,thought it was what queers did didnt know you did it with a girl.Well I obliged then and on various other occasions,I enjoyed it and thought it was a very intimate experience.I was devestated when she went of to uni and told me it had to end,spoilt me for other girls for a while(not too long).I still dont know what she saw in me,she was well out of my league,probably something a bit different,a bit of rough she was fascinated with my accent,I know I was very different to the twits she went out with,her friends were right bitches and the girls were just as bad.I never did it again untill I started punting,Its nothing I look for in a WG but if its part of her repertoire and I feel like it why not.I only rediscovered the magic of that first time with one girl,I have to be careful and Im pleased to be an old git,because if I was younger I would(not could)fall in love,I still struggle to keep things simple.Anyway anybody else this includes the ladies.

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