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Number Of Wgs

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Further to my previous post regarding the number of men who use WGs, has a figure been reached for the number of women who work as WGs in parlours, agencies or as indies.  If the number of WGs in the the UK is high, this raises a question which I would love to ask the anti brigade who want to make paying for sex illegal.  The anti brigade argue that being a WG is an awful occupation, women who work as WGs go through hell and all WGs are oppressed victims.  If this was case, why do large numbers of women works as WGs?  How do parlours and agencies recruit staff if being a WG is such a dreadful occupation? When I look at the websites of agencies and parlours, I often see that WGs have often been with parlours or agencies for long periods.  If being a WG is so awful, why women do women stay in the industry for so long?    

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