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Implications of the new bill?

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They had a crackdown on parlours years ago in Ireland closing even long established ones, though punters were not criminalised. Now it's largely foreign escorts who seem to work here with a few chinese massage ladies also. Prices shot through the roof! I think the old bill will be in a situation where some big names will have to be closed. Also is a situation such as the following possible, they see you entering an establishment on their cctv system and are they're outside on the street when your'e finished to arrest you. Also are the Edinburgh licenses still valid under the new system. What's the legal situations with respect to visiting sensual massage only ladies or dominatrices? And given the British polices' reknowned Hibernophobia and general racism what will be the implication for the many Irish and other minority race punters, will they be singled out, Irish football fans better be careful. I see that one of the reasons put forward for this absurd law is the disgusting murders of those unfortunate women in Ipswich by that psychopath - how can this law which will further isolate working women prevent this from happening again, in fact it very obviously makes it far more dangerous for both the ladies and the gents.

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