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Bristol Sophie

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has anyone seen sophie in bristol? I am sure you know... platinum blonde big fake breasts and very extreme.


I am tempted to see her would really like to know just how pretty she is ie face. This is very importants to me. I do  not actually like her look at all the hole 90s barbie doll blonde porn star thing but if she is as submissive and extreme as listed and is pretty then i would love to meet her.


The whole hs thing puts me off but she does not mention that anymore.


any of you guys seen her?




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Haven't seen her myself (although I have wanted to for a very long time).


The feedback on the local Bristol forums is that she is genuine and just as filthy as her profile implies.  However, she has acquired a reputation for being difficult to contact and occasionally missing booked appointments.


So, probably worth a try if you can get hold of her, but maybe not if you have to travel a long way to Bristol just to see her.

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