Is She Any Good?

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Has anyone met with Edith at The Secret Boudoir... what is she like?

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saw her in 2010,  she was "close" enough to her photos.  had shorter hair back then.   it appears she has put in extensions and gotten a boob job since then.  the pics make her ass look way more juicy than it was in real life - possiblity of added weight after 3 years or photoshop................


she tried to please through arousal and trying to get me turned on with four play.  lots of tender kisses all over the body.  wet bj and cim. 


i dont remember if there was rimming but for some reason i believe there was, not sure.   or maybe she did rimming and was not big on FK.  i am sorry i cant remember.  


there were some restrictions in the sense that she tried to control the pace and the positions permittable in the session but stilll trying to make it seem like an open minded experience. 

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