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A Level Mia Of Walthamstow (Previously Candy Carmen & Catharina69)

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'A level Mia' - This busty Polish lady was based in Enfield or Edmonton upto last yr but now appears to be in Walthamstow, east london


I enquired a while back on here when she was still based in Enfield , she is now closer to me and cheaper for some reason so am quite tempted


has anyone seen her recently? has solid feedback on other site and is busty based on pics but would prefer more feedback on here. I like my women curvy but not BBW and she seems to fit the bill,im also a booty man but not sure exactly how curvy she is in real life.


any feedback much appreciated and also if you have any recent east london/essex punts which were good pls share. thanks

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I saw this very pretty young woman a good few years ago when she was going by the name of Olivia and working in Stratford. I did a FR at the time but it's now so long ago I think it's been archived (If the report is still available please note I saw 2 Olivias around the time).


As stated she is incredibly pretty and has a great bod but I found her a little unresponsive and her advertised kissing/OWO was non-existent. However if she is truly offering A I'd be tempted to see her again (although the more doubting part of my personality thinks this probably unlikely - I'd love to be proven wrong though!).


Not sure this helps you Cole but you're welcome ;->

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Don't know if this is allowed so let me apologise in advance if I'm upsetting the moderators.


FR 86155 as follows:-


PunterNet Field Report on "Olivia" of East London


This Field Report is the intellectual property of PunterNet. PunterNet is not affiliated with any escort directory websites or guidebooks, or any other person or organisation. Individual Field Reports may be linked from the websites belonging to the ladies or agencies mentioned in the reports, but they may not be copied, captured in a frame or child window, have their headers or footers altered, or in any other way made to appear as though they are the content of any site other than PunterNet.


Field Report number 86155 - posted 3 Nov 2008


From: marklondonbloke - Click Here to see all reports by this author


Location: East London

Location 2: Stratford

Phone:  xxxxxxxxxxx - Click to see all reports matching this phone number

Date: Fri 31 Oct 2008

Time of Day: 15.30

Type of Visit: Incall

Time Spent: 1 hr

Price: 80


Her Place: The general area outside of the house was very intimidating (this is not an area I'd like to be wandering around late at night) but was quiet enough and once inside was clean. Her room in particular was spotless. However, don't know what was cooking on the stove but the smell at first made me feel a bit queasy and it took me a while to get used to it!


Description: Olivia says that she is 19 and she's certainly not much older than that if at all. Really cute face with a curvy but not fat figure (lovely bum). She stands about 5 feet tall and has lovely blue eyes and shortish jet black hair.


Comments: I must admit I had great difficulty finding Olivia's place as she said that she'd text me her address when I got to the station. Of course the catch 22 of this is that once I'd been messaged it I was none the wiser as I didn't know the area! I therefore had to be guided in by further texts which wasn't helped by the fact that Olivia's first language is Polish.

Once I actually made it to her place though there seemed to be no hard feelings and Olivia was pleasant and welcoming. She offered me a drink which I declined and I was a little shocked (but at the same time rather pleased) when she stripped off seemingly without a care in the world.

Throughout our time together she was gentle and accommodating and at no time did I feel uncomfortable with Olivia. The sex itself was very cool and I felt particularly raunchy being with her for some strange reason, eve if she was kind of passive motionless. She did almost exactly what she said was on offer except she didn't seem keen on lip kissing so I limited myself to her neck and cheeks which she seemed ok with.

There were times though when the language barrier made communication a bit of a strain (although in no way impossible), she constantly said "It's ok?" to me (but hey, at least he was bothered!) and all the way through she appeared quite nervous to the point where I patted her thigh at one point and reassured her with a smile that she could relax. Also you could clearly hear the noise of people moving around and talking outside Olivia's room which I think some guys would find quite off putting but surprisingly I found this a bit of a turn on!


Recommended: Yes

Would You Return: Yes

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cheers Mark...hmm seems good but not great going by your comments.

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