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Hello Gents,


I have seen a profile called Newlexie turn up on AW. Does anybody know whether this is the same Lexie that was on AW a couple of years ago? Or if anybody can help with whether Newlexie is any good that would be great too.





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Presuming that the profile is genuine, then I saw newlexie when she was Lexy working with Top Secret late in 2012.  She's a Polish girl who said that she was doing this to fund her studies.  She is clearly keen on getting a decent level of funding if she's back working again after a short break.


I would guess that the profile is genuine, as I saw Ariel from the same co-operative just last week and was happy with the punt (in fact did a field report on her on A/W were you to be interested).


When I saw Lexy she was working out of Hermitage St in Paddington.  I may not be able to give you a really fair reflection of Lexy because I had actually wanted to see Mel who used to work from the same building, but this got called off at the last moment and Lexy was suggested as an alternative.  I have to say I did rather spend my time with Lexy wishing I was with Mel, but then Mel was always just sooo good. :wub:  My views on Lexy were therefore somewhat coloured by the punt I didn't have, rather than the punt I did.


Physically, her body is nice.  Facially she is not really my type but the photos are pretty accurate.  She really should have shaved her legs before our meeting, and frankly she wasn't smelling totally fresh between her legs either.  However, to be fair, if she was called in as a last moment replacement she may not have had the necessary time to prepare properly.


I had 90 minutes booked with Lexy.  Terrible as it may seem, I can't remember right now if she gave OWO and FK :wacko: but I believe that she did.  I think she must have done as I would probably remember it as a negative if she didn't.  She certainly gave me two pops during the first hour, first in mish, second in doggy, with both reaching a nice conclusion. 


I never really got a connection with Lexy however, which obviously may be down to me still thinking about Mel during the punt.  After the second pop Lexy got up and started doing some housework!  Not really what you expect, but I guess she just thought that after two pops it was over.  I thought about asking for more, but ultimately decided I really wasn't that interested so took a shower and left 20 minutes early.


I would suggest she's probably worth giving her a go if her looks do it for you.

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Thanks Thurson. That is all very helpful. May well give it a try.

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