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Proposed Criminalisation Of Sex - Bill 2 (Scotland) Summary

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While I would never suggest there is no violence to women in this industry how often have any of us ever gone on a punt and found the girl with a blackeye or had the meet cancelled because she had been beaten up? Its never happened to me and I can count on both hands the number of times Ive heard it happen in 10 years, yet the emotive argument put forward here is to reduce violence against women.


If an Independent woman advertises services of a sexual nature for a price, its violent under this act. So what if no money is exchanged why is it no longer violent?


There is an argument that there is no equality without this legislation, its another emotive point completely disregarding that while men and women should be treated equally, people, of different sex, are not actually the same. Have any of these charities asking their own trained pychologists if they think men and woman are the same psychologically? Is it not generally accepted that men think and want sex more than women, if theres a demand then there will be a supply. That does not mean there is an inequality.


And if they are Truely passionate about equality, why is there no mention about male escorts?


At the moment the majority of people against same sex marriage are religious people, they hide behind the right for a minister to refuse to marry anyone in Gods church as he sees fit as a principle, when in fact its just that they dont like it. You dont hear religious groups complaining that a Bed and Breakfast owner cant refuse gays, muslims etc into his property.


There was a charity that stated that some women in the sex industry are charging between "5 and 37" pounds for sexual services. If thats true it could never be the norm and again has been used to fit their own mindset.


There is no middle ground suggested by the groups who are against all of this, no suggestion that if the woman/man holds a UK passport and works for themselves, without a pimp, then they should be allowed to continue working and feeling protected by the police. Wouldnt this make a punter more likely to stop going to "EE" girls who are very possibly being trafficked?


The whole argument is vague and hidden behind emotive subjects like violence,trafficking, equality and a "better Scotland".


Not once has anyone mentioned how many times in a day, in the United Kingdom, do  "Sexual Services for financial gain"  take place where both parties are completely happy.

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