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Anyone Remember This Tv Program In The Uk?

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Anyone know where to find it?

It was a one-off documentary called "Forbidden Pleasure" and was about disabled people and sex work. It was a while back over 10 years ago.


The Sex on Wheels that was on recently reminded me of it again.

Here is the description from an old TV listing:,+9.15am.-a064426992


Forbidden Pleasure

Ch4, 10.00pm

THE sexual needs of disabled people are all too often ignored by society, and the reluctance to address these needs leaves the disabled community in a sexual wilderness.

For some severely physically impaired people, things that able-bodied people take for granted are impossible without the assistance of carers - including the need to provide sexual expression and relief.

Disabled sexuality is one of Britain's greatest taboos and delving into its secret world can be a dangerous game, especially in a world obsessed with physical perfection.

Nevertheless, Forbidden Pleasures doesn't hold back as it powerfully illustrates how difficult it can be to have a fulfilling sex life if you are severely disabled.

Take Chris for instance. He needs 24-hour care. His sexual needs are the same as any non-disabled person and yet he cannot satisfy himself or ask his carers to provide him with sexual relief. Frustrated, his only solution is to visit prostitutes - a course of action taken every day by able bodied men yet still frowned upon by society.

So do the needs of the disabled person overshadow the negative attitudes of a society which is unwilling to help?

This is an intimate portrayal of the frustration facing disabled people as they address their sexual needs.



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It was made by Ardent, famed for Prince Edward's involvement, but apart from some favourable critical mentions I can't track down an on-line copy.

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Reply from Channel 4


Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding FORBIDDEN PLEASURES.

We don't automatically have the rights to release the programmes we broadcast on DVD and for those we do, as a rule we tend to choose titles to release that we feel will be financially viable. Unfortunately, this particular programme was not released through Channel 4 DVD or any other distributor that we are aware of. 


As we are sure you can appreciate, we receive hundreds of requests for copies of programmes that were not released commercially, therefore, Channel 4's policy is that we do not provide one-off copies.    

I am sorry that we are unable to help with your request.



And Ardent went into liquidation in 2010 so contacting them would be out of the question.



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