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Nearest Parlour To Hallgreen

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Hi everyone, will be moving to hall green for work soon and wondered what the nearest parlours are.


Any recommendations are welcome.


Little clusters of parlours are preferable, or ones that are easily accessible to someone in hall green (with no car)


Also any "must visit" places of exceptional quality in birmingham that are further afield will also be welcome suggestions.

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Hi and welcome to Birmingham!


I can only give the info I know and if I am wrong I will be happily corrected.


the first answer I have is that there is a linking road probably with a bus route to Coventry Road A45 in the section of it which has Stars and Garden of Eden near each other.



Personally, I would say try both out (if you are a regular rather than then every punt being rare and needing to be truly excellent) and see if either suit you.


I haven't been to either that recently and the staff will have changed near to 100% since then.


I hope there will be further responses and others may also give some non-parlour suggestions in the Hall Green area that may appeal and widen your options.

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