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Hi out there, this is my first post. Last time I saw a girl for sex was back in 2005, and I visited some parlour in South London. There was a black girl there and she was first rate. It was a shame as at the time I was nervous as I never had a WG sex experience, so I didn't feel I made the most of it. I only had sex with genuine girlfriends up till then. Well I've seen a link that intrests me, and wonder if you more experinced guys think this link is legit. If the girl turns out not to be the one portrayed in the advert (if it's not her but she is hotter that's fine) could I make my excuses and just go? When you were hoping to see a certain girl and turned out to be nothing like her, and not to your liking at all it can be a problem. Anyway your advise is welcomed and I probally some on here may be able to tell if this is a  genuine advert. Then again maybe it is not possible to tell at all.


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