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Shanghai A Definitive Guide

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This is not my work, it has been copied with permission from a punter on another monger forum :ph34r: 

But I still wanna take credit 4 finding the dude :P




First, there are some decent sites in English that have good information for mongering.

This site is really well sorted, and you can pay a small fee for membership (not entirely sure what the benefits are) and they will offer a "tour guide" service where they'll take you to your favorite spots for a fee. I think it's a good options for newbies, single or in groups, and you have a bigger budget.

International Sex Guide - just google it. It's a pretty good site full of reports and various discussion. Not well sorted though, so you've gotta read quite a lot to get your bearings.

So, onto my suggestions.

1. Saunas.

These are the best overall choice. You get quality service and zero hassle. There's no negotiation. Generally the prices are between 580 and 1k. Pricier usually means better environment/girls.

First you'll be taken to a locker room to shower/change. Keep in mind you can also chill out for a while...swim, watch tv (chinese), steam room, eat snacks, even drink. Usually drinks and food are included (or very cheap). You can do this stuff either before or after.

Once ready, you'll don a robe and pants, and be sent to a two way mirror. Most girls will be in bikinis. The selection could be between 5 and 50+. In one place the room is too small and the girls are squished in like a sardine can. Awesome to look at, but maybe you can't see all of their features.
A few tips: sometimes they'll send you in several at a time, if you see a girl you like immediately, act fast and call the number. The guy next to you might take her. If you're having trouble deciding, ask the papasan/mamasan about their quality. Also note some girls have red numbers, they have to get really good reviews for those red numbers and generally give great service.
There is also a really unique service known as "red rope" which is a must for anyone who hasn't tried. Think cirque de soleil with fucking.
Once you've selected your girl, she'll lead you to a room, and prep. She'll wash you nice and clean, then herself. Then she'll lie you on a waterproof mattress in the bathroom, and give you a nuru-nuru massage. Basically it's a nude body rubbing affair, meant to warm you up. After, you'll head to the bed and get a tongue bath; literally from head to toe. They'll also toss your salad, so if you're not into that, be sure to let them know. Generally these girls don't wanna kiss.
After that, you should get some BBBJ, and once you're ready, FS. Girls will often want to do mish, but a little pressure will get them to do almost any position. The price you pay is for time, not pops. It used to be 90 minutes, but lots of places are now 80 or 60. Once done, she'll probably call downstairs and give you the phone. Just say "Ok" if everything's alright, and you'll leave together. Don't forget there's lots of free food you can order (I always get fried noodles or wonton soup, perfect post coital).

Some recommended places (you can find the addresses on shanghai-nightlife-guide):

Hongsong - the biggest selection and hottest girls. Also very nice interior.

999 - Just a cut under Hongsong, but still excellent

Lianhua Road - near the subway station. I can give you directions if you like. Also nice, I found lots of slim busty ones there.

Sacrosa - great location, lower end. Cheaper (especially in the afternoon) but the girls are less hot.

Bodi - I used to love this place but it's slowly getting worse. The lineup was horrible last two times I went. I complained.

Those are the ones I frequent most and think are the best. Sometimes you'll get mechanical service, but if you're nice to the girl and patient, they tend to open up. They don't speak a word of English, however. If you know chinese you might even get her number and hang out with her when she's off, if you like.

So, again, this is the higher end experience.

Pros: quality girls, no hassle service, beautiful environment, free food and drinks.

Cons: expensive, sometimes out of the way.

Next ill discuss QQ girls, which are mostly for people with Chinese skills.





Now, you'll see these all around town. But it's important to distinguish between Barbershops and Happy Ending Places.

Happy ending places are generally much nicer, with a proper sign saying massage. Also, note they will have korean and japanese writing. Also, there should be some girls out front, welcoming you and dressed in a somewhat sexy uniform. However, you can't know for sure, these places might only offer legitimate massage. Generally, you should pay between 200 and 400 for a full body massage followed by a handjob, possibly a blow job. There will be a price for the massage then you'll negotiate the ending. Some places do an all in price, which is fairly nice.
You can literally find these everywhere, so just walk around and I think you'll have success. A lot of places offering back massage will offer a happy ending.
Keep in mind you probably can't pick the girl here. However, they should all have good massage skills.

Barbershops often have a pink light (but not always) and there are girls in skirts on a couch facing a window. The biggest indicator for me, is the glass door will be mostly translucent, a kind of tape over the door so you can't see too clearly. Don't be shy, walk right in and look at the girls. Invariably, one will get up and take your hand, but you don't have to go with her. If you like a different girl then by all means pick her. If you don't like anyone, just leave. Simple as that.
If you see one you like, it's important to discuss the price first. If you don't know any chinese don't worry. Hand gestures are fine. Be sure what you're getting, whether it's a HJ, BJ, FS, or all of them. They may speak a few words of English. The low end price is 200 for FS but I don't think I've ever gotten that before. 300 seems to be the new standard, 400 is a bit of a foreigner price. Perhaps if you're really impressed with the girl and they don't budge 400 is not bad.
Now, once you get to the room, beware of the upsell! Some girls will say it costs more for them to get undressed, take off their top or whatever. This is where your negotiation skills come into play. You probably shouldn't pay for these things. Also, they will probably send another girl in, to double your pleasure. Keep in mind chinese girls are extremely opposed to anything lesbian, so I think the threesome is only double the price, and perhaps 1.2 times the fun. Up to you, but the price will double for two girls.
There is no place to shower, they'll just use some wet napkins and get going. At the end you'll clean up. I highly recommend you bring hand sanitizer with you! Overall the environment in these places is pretty shitty, but the girls can sometimes be really cute.

Suggested locations:
Hongsong Dong Road near Songyuan Road

Yinghua road Baiyang road

Those are really the only two I've been to that are still around. There are a few places near each intersection.





Now, if mongering were a video game, QQ would be the hardest setting possible. There are lots of barriers to foreigners, but it's extremely good value and can really save you money while being able to get girls who provide more rare services such as anal, DFK, and even BDSM.

So, the first barrier is language. You can use an autotranslator, like google translate to see the sites, but I've never met one of these girls who speaks English.
Second, is a little fear of foreigners. Girls, especially the younger/smaller ones, might be afraid of getting with a foreigner. This is because of three reasons. One, maybe they think you're huge and it'll hurt, and make them "loose." Two, they're worried about the language barrier. Three, they generally work in apartment complexes and want to keep a low profile. A foreign face might attract unwanted attention. So, in any case, even if your chinese is good I recommend you ask if foreigners ok. Most will be fine with it, but some will refuse you. Don't take it personally just move on, plenty more fish in the sea.

So, girls on this site advertise their pictures, services, and prices on a BBS. Their QQ number is included and you can add them. If it asks for a request, just type in the name of the website.

The posts are sorted by color. First are ads for saunas, then the other colors are different girls that I assume have paid differently for their ads.

A lot of escort services in china use fake photos. It has been my experience that all of the girls on there are real. The picture might be slightly altered, but not by much. If you ever run into this problem, leave and don't pay a cent! Do not give them a tip, just politely leave. Giving them even some money is only encouraging these bait and switch practices. Keep in mind that china generally punishes pros and not johns, so she'll be more afraid of law enforcement than you. Either way, you shouldn't really worry about that.'s the general procedure.

1. Download QQ international edition, in English. Sign up.
2. Find girls you like. Add every one you like. This way you can have a good pool available.
3. Once added I generally say the exact same things, you can copy/paste their answers into google translate.

你好妹妹 /hello little sister (yes, chinese are very naughty)
你的服务是多少/how much is your service. (Generally they will say price per pop and what they'll do)
好美,你住在哪里/you're very pretty, where do you live?
外国人可以吗?/are foreigners ok?

If everything is in order, you can arrange a time.

你今天有空吗?/do you have time today? (Don't bother asking a day in advance)

我XX:XX可以到,好吗? /I can come at XX:XX time, ok?

Usually they'll also want you to call them, and confirm the time. This makes you more certain to arrive, I suppose.

Now, the tricky part is when you arrive, since they won't give you their full address until you get there.

You generally call/text when you arrive, and they'll tell you the building number and room number.

Once inside, make sure you like her, you can still back away at this point. She'll be in a simple apartment, alone or with other girls. Take a shower with her and begin service. Pay after.

The great thing is, if you liked this chick, repeat business is very easy. She'll generally be available, and provide a good servicing, the quality of which will improve over subsequent visits.

Prices vary but generally 300 is the lower end (I tend not to like these girls) 400 is very common (usually good enough) and there are 500/600 girls who are either really hot or provide some special kind of service.

All in all it can be time consuming in the beginning but extremely useful afterwards. The price is decent, and I feel better since these girls are independents, and essentially keeping all the money. There is rarely a middle man.

This is the kind of thing that's better for someone living here as opposed to a tourist.











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The only information missing here is a list of bars/clubs where FLs hang, or where u can hit on a civvy with a reasonable expectation of getting somewhere.


I've requested the same dude to come up with a list of these places. There r a few, I know coz I woz there about 7 years ago and some of them will still b oper8ng

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The only information missing here is a list of bars/clubs where FLs hang, or where u can hit on a civvy with a reasonable expectation of getting somewhere.


I've requested the same dude to come up with a list of these places. There r a few, I know coz I woz there about 7 years ago and some of them will still b oper8ng

As I know, there are many famous pick up bars in Shanghai like Manhattan Bar, Zapata`s Club,  and Judy`s (Shanghai Fun Bar). You can see more Shanghai pick up bars in . 

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As I know, there are many famous pick up bars in Shanghai like Manhattan Bar, Zapata`s Club,  and Judy`s (Shanghai Fun Bar). You can see more Shanghai pick up bars in . 

There are very less clubs where you can really pickup a girl, most of the bars in that mentioned list are girlsbars (like for example flying dragon), where you have to spend a lot of money and time in the bar, but finally no chance to take her out (even she will tell you like that before you paid your bill). 

The mentioned Bars like Manhattan, Zapata`s, Judy`s are real pickup Bars, Manhattan and Judy`s nearly only provide working girls, but they all from vietnam, less than 1% will be chinese girls. In Zapata`s you can find some chinese working girls (also russian and black girls), but here there are only 5 to 10 % working girls, all other girls not available and hard to find out which one is working there. 

The 88 Bar is a club with some chinese working girls (also not more than 10 or 15) on a normal evening, also in the Bar Rouge you can pick up chinese girls (here also not more than 10 to 20 working girls, but very high class (and also expensive).Starting Rate in Manhattan will be around 1000 RMB for short time and around 2000 for overnight, in Bar Rouge they will ask at least for the double rate (but what they ask for should not be the price you have to pay, but in Bar Rouge you will not find girls for less than 3000 RMB. Another place not bad is the Luna Bar in Xintiandi. Here the girls will start to get "picked up" from around 9 pm, than later at 12 they will move to Manhattan or Judy`s, but in Luna they will ask for at least 500 to 1000 more. You can find a up to date listing of the real pickup bars here: Shanghai Pickup Bars

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