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Hanna @ Invasion

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Does anyone  have any experiences of this relatively new girl Hannah at Asian Invasion - she looks stunning so I am surprised these is no feedback on their site or reviews anywhere, nor any mention in the forum.


Am I missing something or is she so good that those in the know are keeping schtum!!


Any feedback would be gratefully received as I am keen on booking a soapy B2B assisted bath and she looks like the perfect choice...any other recommendations for that option with AI or elsewhere?


Many thanks and regards



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I think you may have missed the boat?


She was "Lehana" on 007 and I had her booked for Saturday as she was scheduled to finish today. As of five minutes ago, she's now gone from the 007 gallery, but still on Invasian.


As it happened she cancelled as her period came early.....and yet she was available again on Sunday. Talk about "splash "n" dash"!


Saw Andrea instead, so a very happy ending,

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