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Thief And Potential Dangerous Punter - Bedford And Surrounds

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A lady I know has asked for this warning to go up.


Indian/Pakistani origin, approx 38 years old, slight build, 5'7-ish tall. 50p size scar on left side of head from a bottle fight, knife scar on right hand. Used phone number 07572 7997** (please pm for full number)


Booked an overnighter and paid cash upfront - watched where the money was put away which sent warning signals to the lady immediately. She hid the money in a more secure place when he went to the toilet.


Client brought two bottles of whiskey and was in a very frenzied mood (drugs), kept her awake all night and kept on insisting on making her drinks - this was refused as there was no way she was going to let him make her a drink. Tiredness got the better of her and he pretended to be asleep. She woke up and he was not beside her but checking out the flat. He kept on darting in and out of the bedroom.


Client asked for a lift to the station which she gave him, she then went to Sainsburys where she realised that her purse had been emptied. Thankfully there was only £80, a cheque (which has been cancelled) and some lottery tickets. The overnight money were still in the well hid place back at the flat.


One to watch out for..

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