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Article on Bunny's in Bearwood (formerly Cuddles)

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From the Express and Star comes this gem of an article:

New massage parlour at brothel site

Of particular note is this claim in the article that:

Cuddles, which previously ran from the premises, was raided by around 50 officers in September, 2005, when 19 women from 10 different countries were discovered working as sex slaves. Owner Carl Pritchett was given a two-year jail sentence in 2006 and in August of this year he was ordered to pay back £2 million of his ill-gotten gains.

To the best of my knowledge, no 'sex slaves' (i.e. trafficked women) were found at Cuddles despite police claims to the contrary at the time of the raid. :D

For example, an article published at the time of the trial in the Birmingham Mail said that:

Judge [Michael] Dudley said he had to sentence the three defendants on the basis of the evidence at the trial. He said none of the prostitutes had given evidence and there was no suggestion of coercion or improper behaviour towards employees at Cuddles. [Reference]

(In the interests of accuracy, the above article mentions a separate trial 'of a Hungarian couple, suspected of human trafficking in connection with Cuddles', although I don't recall reading anything about this.)


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So there used to be a brothel on that site and now there's a legit massage parlour? :D

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