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The Best Value For Money Punt

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Hi all... whats the best value for money punt have you had recently and with which wg please?

Trying to compile a shortlist/list to work through.


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The thing is your questions is quite vague. One thing I have realised is there is a big difference in taste on the board. What one board member will think is great VFM, another would say you would have to pay me to sleep with her, and vice versa.


Also VFM can be subjective. Is it looks or services or both that you find value in. services is easy enough but looks is down to your taste really.


Some people are happy seeing a beautiful woman who does only vanilla services, where as other are happy to see an average/above average looking woman with more open minded services.


questions to ask-

Are you a breast man, leg man or a ass man, etc

are you into models, or pretty girl next door types.

do you like all size of women. 6,8,10,12 or not fussy

do you like exotic women, asians etc

do you have a type or an ideal? are you fussy etc. blondes, brunettes,etc


what do you find valuable in your eyes. what credentials? 


For example i find value in a pair of natural GG cups on a size 10 frame, or a hot rio beach latina, but its different strokes for different folks. Im sure once we get a picture you will get a lot of recommendations.

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Also a playboy model type 250 p/h escort can offer great vfm, but a 80 p/half hour wg can offer great VFM it depends what your budgets like.


But to answer your question mine is


Jade from HOD

Maya (canary wharf area)

Juice Rose (mammoth breasts on a slim figure)


Jade and Maya are both latinas and considering they both accept half hour bookings at £70, to have your way with a hot mysterious curvy figured latina for £70 is great VFM.. The value comes in because i hardly see any latina civvy's in London. There stunning, Jade has a very good reputation on this forum.

Juice Rose provides vanilla service which i am fine with. But I'm paying really to play with an attractive lady with natural 34HH breasts on a slim size 10 figure  which only like 1 in 10,000 girls have that combination. Its £80 for half hour. Good value to me.

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