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I just know all you techys are going to groan because this probably has a very simple solution but here goes.


I recently took an old laptop in to have a new screen fitted. I have not used this laptop for almost 3 years as some arse keyed the screen whilst waiting in the kitchen for a room. I now have a nice new screen finally but I have completely forgotten my password. I have a password hint and I know what word the hint refers too but I obviously changed the password at some point back then but not the hint. 


So, there are three accounts, one for my kids and its just standard user, one for guest which is as a guest user and mine which is administrator. I simply cannot get into it and obviously I cannot change the other user accounts as it asks for my password.


Is there some way I can either recover my password or change it without taking it back to the shop. The recovery disks are god knows where.


You can stop groaning now  :unsure:



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Thankyou, will try that. The second is just a link to google though x

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Not too confident that the suggestion above will work.


If not, let us know what operating system you're using - hints for Windows XP, for example, will seem very stupid if you're actually using Apple.

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I couldnt even face reading the page  :wacko:


Takes me back to the years when all this was pretty normal for me. I used to know how to do this stuff when I had too. Now Im just clueless. Nothing sticks in the grey matter for long when it comes to boring tech stuff x

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I don't have Windows 7 so I can't verify that it works but the suggestions on the web are on the lines of:


First try to remember the password (well, derr)


If no luck (eyes glaze over time might start here)

The aim is to swap 2 files in the Windows/system32 folder called cmd.exe and magnify.exe.  You can't do this if Windows is actually running.  So you need to boot the machine up from say a USB stick.  Then you can run Windows using these 'wrong' files and tell it what the new password should be.


In more detail (eyes glaze over time starts here, if not earlier)

Get a copy of Ubuntu (or another Linux) and put it onto a bootable USB stick

Boot into Ubuntu

In the Windows/system32 folder rename cmd.exe to be magnify.exe and vice versa. 

Start up Windows again - remove USB stick first

On the log on screen there'll be an 'easy access' button in the bottom left corner of the screen

Choose 'magnifier'

Type   net user    to get names of all the users

To change password of the user called Chloe to Slarty you need to type    net user Chloe Slarty

Check it works, then go back to Ubuntu to rename magnify.exe and cmd.exe back to their original names


There are screen shots in


Good luck



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