more useless reports and a good one

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comment: few details. If the lady doesn't want you to report, then don't tease us.

my critique: waste of time, poster to try harder.



comment: good report, plenty of pertinent detail.

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Ah! On the face of it I agree with you - in the case of 94559, however, clicking on all of "casanova's" previous FRs allows one to fill in, as it were.

94527, I entirely agree, tells us nothing, and "puntertip's" only other FR is equally uninformative, so one simply doesn't have anything to go on.

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Yes, 94527 is useless, but I'm not sure I fully agree with the judgements on the other two reports.

What we need as readers is something that gives us some glimpse of an authentic experience enjoyed by a genuine individual. 94559, which the OP didn't like, was written by a BBW fancier who tried something different and enjoyed it. She was a Joanna Lumley lookalike and massage led on to some rumpy pumpy - I think we get the idea. I can't see that 94515, which the OP likes, is really any more helpful. Ok, there was OW, first she was on top, then he was on top...but these are all fairly standard things that one can expect and don't really come alive in our imaginations. Tight pussy perhaps is worth knowing.

On the whole I'm not tempted to see any of the ladies on the basis of the reports, but the two I mention seem much of a muchness.

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