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Here's a great blog by an anarchist stripper, not the easiest of  reads, but very interesting.


Happy Saturnalia!!!* (*Roman Season of Misrule)


I'll just quote a bit...


 Undocumented/immigrant sex workers become reconceptualized as “trafficking victims,” thus providing a convenient moral imperative for increased State surveillance and control (racial profiling, raids, invasive searches, forced placement into factories and “rehabilitation centers,” deportation, State acquisition of sex workers’ children). This in turn drives workers further “underground” in response to increasing difficulty crossing borders, obtaining licenses, and finding and screening clients. Moral panics about the sexual exploitation of minors are induced through the spread of misleading statistics, which solidify deeply-held moral convictions, and assuage reservations, about the continued criminalization of full-service sex work. Incarceration is a toxic cycle that reinforces itself in the lives of sex workers—a prostitution arrest in the US can land one an appearance on the local police department’s “vice” crime website or the weekly mugshot tabloids, and often disqualifies one from obtaining “straight” employment. It can also disqualify one from other sexualized jobs—cities that require strippers be licensed demand a criminal background check as a precondition of employment, a condition which specifically targets and weeds out those charged with prostitution as undesirables, “liabilities” to the strip club. Up until as recently as 2011, escorts in New Orleans were arrested and prosecuted under the local Crimes Against Nature statute, which in addition to higher penalties and fines than a conventional prostitution charge also required workers to register as sex offenders for a period of fifteen years to life.[7] A prostitution arrest is effectively a scarlet letter, presumably an inextricable binding of the offender to a life of indefinite systemic violence and exclusion.

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