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Investment Opportunity

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I received this information for investing in this company, apart from the investment possibilities the product could be of great benefit to SPs and punters. What do you think, I can't wait for it.



We’ve all heard of Viagra. The little blue pill

that helps men perform better in the bedroom

is a worldwide hit. Its sales run at around $2

billion a year.

And of course we’ve all heard of condoms. The

global condom market is worth around $3.5

billion a year. While condoms were originally

developed to protect against pregnancy and

disease, they are evolving into a more

recreational product due to new pleasure and

performance oriented innovations.

This is where Futura Medical comes in.

They’ve developed a new product dubbed

the ‘Viagra condom’.

It contains a patented gel called Zanifil, inside

the tip of the condom, which is rapidly

absorbed by the skin. The gel has been

clinically proven to boost blood flow, which in

turn leads to increased firmness, increased

penile size and longer lasting sexual


But unlike Viagra, the condom will be available

to buy without a doctor’s prescription. The

condom, currently known as CSD500, has

been awarded the CE (kite) mark for safety,

which means it can be sold in the same way

as regular condoms in all European countries.

CSD500 is a unique product and Futura has

secured patent protection in 36 countries so

far, including the main markets of Europe and

the USA.

Futura has a clear strategy for commercialising

the product. The plan is to licence its

technology to the world’s leading condom

makers in return for a royalty income.

So far Futura has secured three important

licensing agreements for CSD500. The

partners will be able to charge as much as

double the price of regular condoms when

they are expected to launch early next year.

In April 2013, a deal was signed with Church

and Dwight for the distribution rights in North

America and in a number of key European

countries. Church and Dwight is the maker of

the leading condom brand Trojan, which has a

70% market share in the US.

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Well since condoms are put on AFTER you're already erect the viagra aspect is useless, inreased size is bollocks other than obviously maximising size, which is something else entirely; that only leaves the longer lasting and I don't see how that could be related to increased blood flow. In any case there's already delay sprays and since that's the only benefit left I'm not seeing the sales potential...

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Duplicate post sorry...

Edited by punter992005

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Perhaps hedge vs short bitcoin position? ;)

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feel like there should be one of those financial disclaimers from the regulators accompanying this thread.

Well im no expert...but the whole thing sounds interesting but Futura Medical is a listed Comoany so surely all this (being publically available and regulated info) wouldve been reflected in share price already...but then again...what are we to make of share prices other than Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen has more influence on them than any miracle viagra condom...but i said im not expert...

I just pay my bills, expenses, save a little, give a little to the family and then have a great time.....blowing it!

Talking about investments have heard stories from canny wgs over the years how theyve invested and done well.

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