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Anyone got any experience in the Gambia?

Am considering a trip in the next couple of months through this operator


The epi center being senegambia also known as the strip in Kololi


Am considering the three hotels there Sarges the cheapest, not on the beach

Then the SeneGambia and the more upmarket Kairaba


There is an apartment scene out there too, but would prefer one of the hotels,

I think the three of them are guest friendly but with a joiner fee.


Would appreciate any info


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Did you ever go?

I've been looking at The Gambia recently too, flight and hotel are pretty reasonable, time zone is GMT And I've seen some great pics of the girls.

Seems to be fairly big for female sex tourism, but of course the women are there for the romance :) there is plenty there for the guys too it seems.

Anyone been?

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