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I got as far as this:


" confiscating their earnings." and stopped reading....


I would love to see any of the anti whore brigade meet face to face with one of these girls and explain that...


It just makes you fucking sick... actually taking the girls money...


who are the pimps here? 


and the raymond family... all that wealth from the walkups and now they are in bed with the council and the police and the govenment all of them in it together...


lots of discussion already in other parts of this forum... the land grab aspect has been known for some time... i can do without punting in Soho, i could even do without punting all together if i had to... but its just so fucking depressing what they are getting away with.

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You should have persevered, ralhar.  It was a sympathetic feature in the colour supplement, spoiled by a poorly researched and inaccurate article on page 10 of the main paper about the Romanian girl, Marianna Popa, recently murdered on Ilford Lane. One of their shattering inaccuracies is their belief that 75% of prostitutes began as children, with the same percentage citing penury as their principal motivator for entering the industry, according to 'government figures'.  Bound to be correct then.  


But you're right, it is depressing what they're getting away with.   After the Soho raids, it emerged that not one single girl was trafficked.  Three girls have been charged with handling stolen mobile phones.  Where are the HEADLINES?  

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took the time to read it today and as i suspected (and the reason i didnt go further yesterday)... it made my blood boil...


telling the court (and the girl!) that she is pimped... and they dont even have to say by who or arrest that alleged pimp... and they get away with it...


its a forgon conclusion... the police, the courts, the council... everyone in it together


and the raymond family have made all that money from these rooms and are allowed to keep it... how come they are not subject to the proceeds of crime act?


but it is a great artical with some decent laughs in it also... some of the descritpions of the court room are well funny...


rupert is a cool dude for sure...

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