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Nanny State

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I welcome debate and serious discussion about the new legislation, and this forum seems like the appropriate place to air ones views. As a man who confesses to have paid for sex, I am now deemed to be a criminal liable to a hefty fine, and/or imprisonment. I have always used parlours and contact magazines to locate and use WG's. The former have always been in what I thought were licensed premises, and generally tolerated by local authorities. The latter have been with WG's operating out of their own homes or rented flats and apartments. The issue that I feel requires airing is sex trafficking, women from the far out-reaches of Europe and beyond, who have been forced by 'pimps' into the sex industry. In fact, the whole notion of 'control' and 'pimping' is where we should be focusing the legislation.

Frankly, I have mixed feelings and views on the subject, and the new legislation serves to confuse me further. It has been very rare to find a WG who is operating autonomously, the notion of the 'Belle De Jour', is a fantasy and I would challenge anyone to say that they have experienced such a woman. I have visited parlours that have awful working conditions and others that are clean and professional. I have never used a WG who plies her trade on the 'street', (far too dangerous for all sorts of reasons!).

Men will be forced to rethink, personally I have found the internet and camcorder to be an outlet (cheap, effective and free of any STD' problems). Lap Dancing clubs will also be forced to close, although I have never felt the need to use them, besides it is all in the 'eye', and I am loathe to stuff money into a stocking for the stimulus of 'seeing'. I want to 'touch' and 'smell', although you could argue my contradiction. On a more personal note, the urge and then the thrill to experience a WG can always be placated by masturbation! Think of the money you could save!!

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