Accessing Punternet Forums In Firefox Private Browsing Mode

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I always read the Punternet forums using Firefox's private browsing mode, which I understand doesn't remember history or store cookies from any site visited.


One of the features of the Punternet forums which I have recently discovered is that if I sign in with my user name and password, I can then go straight to the first posting in any topic that I have not yet read by clicking on the little bullet point to the left of the topic title. I presume that, as Firefox in private browsing mode is not saving any cookies that would record what postings I have previously read, this information is recorded and stored on the Punternet site and somehow matched against my username and password each time I log in and use the forum. 



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That's correct Carnival.  The posts that you have read are recorded against your account, so will be visible as such on any computer you login to the forum with and between private browsing sessions.

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