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Macau And Big Boss Sauna

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I had planned a day trip to Macau to celebrate the end of the financial year. The best I could get for the flight was a sub €500 Aeroflot return flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, and the hotel had to be the Lisboa as the online booking agencies were all offering rooms in the Lisboa for only a third of their normal rate.


Hong Kong airport has an express train that goes to Hong Kong Central, and Central station is only a short walk from Sheung Wan where the Ferry terminal is for the ferry ride to Macau. At Macau ferry terminal there are free shuttle buses waiting to take you to most of the major hotels. The free shuttle bus to the Lisboa was indicated by 2 lovely young ladies dressed in short, green coats, almost like mini-dresses.


Arrived at the Lisboa between 2-3pm, and was allowed to check in. After I settled in to my room it was time to go and visit one of the saunas Macau is famous for.

I had previously done my research on ISG and Sex 141. 18 Sauna seemed to have a spectacular show time, but the reviews of the service were hit and miss. On the other hand the service at Darlings sauna had rave reviews, but virtually no show time. Big Boss sauna had good reviews of the show time and the service, so I chose Big Boss. Besides, Big Boss sauna was just a short walk down the road from my hotel, on the Avenida de la Praia Grande, whilst 18 or Darlings might have been a bit awkward to get to.


I found Big Boss sauna quite easily because as I walked past the building entrance, a man outside asked me in English if I wanted to come in for a sauna, which was quite handy. The man lead me to a reception where I was instructed in English to take a shower, lock up my clothes and valuables in a locker and put on a bathrobe and a pair of shorts. I emerged into a lounge area where I was told there was a show time in progress and was directed into another room where a row of ladies were standing on a stage. I was told they were all Chinese except for the European one on the right (who looked Spanish). They were the models and would cost 1988 HKD or MOP for the hour if I hired one of them. I looked about there were a few 8s and 9s, but mainly 6s and 7s. Another row of ladies came in and stood below the stage. I was told these ladies were not Chinese and if I hired one of these it would cost me 1728 HKD or MOP for the hour. One of the new ladies looked like a perfect 10, a bit like the lady on the train in the Gangnam Style video but with darker hair. The ladies each had a 3 digit number and I was told to choose one by her number. I was a bit disappointed by the show time as it was nothing special, just a glorified sauna line-up. As advised by the reviewers on ISG and 141, I declined to choose one this time around and said I’ll wait until the next show time. I was taken back to the lounge and where I had a pleasant meal and a soft drink.


About an hour later I attended the next show time. There were more girls, but again the woman I affectionately refer to as Gangnam girl stood out above the rest so I chose her. I can’t remember her exact number; it was 768, or 786 or something. She spoke good English and led me to a private room. She said she was Vietnamese. She gave me a menu of 8 massage treatments, but told me the French style one was off the menu, I could choose any or all of the other 7. I asked her which she recommended and she chose a few of them. I remember having a hot water massage, a body to body massage, a nipple massage with soft face kissing, and a thigh massage (which is another term for hand job) whilst I mutually massaged her and we softly touched and kissed each other. She then gave me a good OWO and after she applied the condom we had sex with her on top. We cleaned up. She looked at the clock. There was still about 10 minutes left so she cuddled up to me on the bed and we had a little chat while we cuddled until time was up. She led me back to the lounge and departed, no doubt to take part in the next show time.


I asked to cash out but was told that because I had chosen a Vietnamese girl I was entitled to 2 free massages from their therapeutic only masseuses. I chose the regular massage and the foot massage. I got a back massage from a mature woman who knew what she was doing, followed by a foot massage from a real MILF who was very good looking for her age. Despite being called a foot massage, the massage extended from my foot to the tops of my thighs, but the masseuse was so good looking I wasn’t really bothered where she massaged.


Afterwards they offered me more soft drink and some fruit. It was like they didn’t want me to leave, but I had to go soon after because I still had to check out the casinos and catch a show. After I got dressed and went to pay, they charged me 1728 HKD/MOP (about €155 or £130) just like they said they would, there were no hidden charges.


Back at the Lisboa I went looking for the racetrack for voyeuristic purposes. I gave up and was looking for the exit when I accidentally stumbled upon it. I sat inside the Chinese restaurant watching the female prostitutes walking up and down. There was one particular lady in a red dress I was really in to, and she was looking back at me through the glass, smiling and giving me positive vibes; but apart from that they were the kind of oriental looking ladies I don’t really find attractive. Although I had eaten well at the Big Boss, I couldn’t sit there without ordering a snack, but I hardly touched my bowl of rice and chicken because it was so dry and needed a good sauce. The lady in the red dress and two of her friends were invited into the Chinese restaurant by 2 potential customers. I paid my bill took my leave while they were ordering food. As I walked a lap around the race track, all the ladies blanked me and it seemed like all the stories about them not wanting to do business with western men were true.


I checked out the casino at the Wynn then got the free shuttle to the ferry terminal; from there I got the free shuttle to the Venetian. Those free shuttles are amazing, its like you don’t have to worry about public transport because the free shuttles provided by the hotels/casinos can take you anywhere worth going to. I got to check out the casinos at the Venetian and the City of Dreams before alighting at the Taboo show for the 10pm showing. There was only minimal nudity, but I would recommend it if you like to watch plenty of suggestive, erotic posing and dancing by beautiful, scantily clad women and their male partners.


The show finished around 11.20pm and I had time to get back to the Lisboa before the free shuttles stopped running at around midnight. I woke up early the next morning and got the shuttle to the ferry terminal for the ferry to take me back to Hong Kong so I could catch my return flight to Amsterdam.


The legality of prostitution in Macau is a bit confusing. As far as I can make out prostitution is legal but brothels are illegal. However, the sauna brothels are so widely tolerated as to be de facto legal, enabling their management to run them like legit businesses. There are rumours that the brothels are run by the Triads, but certainly in the one that I went into there was no sign of the excessive charges, hidden charges and non-existent customer service I would expect if it were a criminal enterprise. Although there was something seedy about the show time, in the main I saw a well-run business that was customer focused; concerned with giving the customer a good service and value for money.

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Thanks for the excellent report and information, very helpful Barrack.

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