Soho Walkup Versus Escorts

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HI. Im a bit bored with the quick in and out service of the soho walkups, so have been doing a bit of researching agencies and escorts.

My question is that many mention about going or meals, theatre etc etc.

What is the deal with escorts, if you hire them to meet you at your hotel room. Are they expecting to go for dinner etc, or are they coming to give you an hout or so of sex?

Are there any dos and donts in this teritory?

Any thoughts appreciated

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Not that I really know what others do, but I believe the norm is pure sex.  If they say they will have dinner with you and you want that, then fine.  But you are paying, you generally get what you want.  She is not your GF.


Do's and don't's?  Be kind and considerate.  Smile. Wash.  Tell her she has beautiful eyes. Be on time. Enjoy.  Write a review.

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If visiting your hotel, be upfront about what you want.  The length of the booking, the services you'd like and the price.  You could also arrange an incall, that is visiting the girl at her working premises.  


When mention dining or theatre, they're signalling their availability as a true 'escort' - someone you could take to a function but whose time you're willing to pay for whether you're having sex or not.  


Most of us just want the sex.  Or perhaps that's just me. 

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