New Service For Escorts - Kitestring Safecall

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Thought I'd share this here in case it is of use to the ladies. Hope it helps someone, but I'd recommend you trial it before using "in anger"...


Kitestring is a "safecall" service that alerts your contacts if you fail to virtually check in at designated times after going out.


The app is web-based, so anyone with a phone number can sign up. Accounts, which can be created on Kitestring's website, must be linked to a cellphone number.
Schedule a time and date for when you plan on being out and how long you think you'll be gone. After the allotted time has passed, Kitestring sends a text message reminding you to confirm you made it home safely.
Should you fail to do so, the app texts one or more designated emergency contacts with a distress message letting them know you may be in trouble. This takes the burden off those of us prone to forgetting to write our own check-in messages — provided they don't get a distress call, friends can rest easy knowing we made it to our destination.





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