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Police Impersonator

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Received this from a lady in the North East:




had a young guy today that posed as an apparently police officer once in the bedroom and produced some HMRC forms and proceeded to tell me i needed to tell him the real details about myself, name age, bank etc. all he had as proof was a pathetic looking durham constabulary badge that looked old and apparently the warrant that they are meant to produce before entering building was in 'his car' he made a booking as a punter would, giving details of just after gfe experience etc, booked and confirmed normally.

young lad about 18-22, 5'8ish dark short hair and dressed in trousers and rain trench coat with light brown satchel. he left very soon after it was clear i wasnt believing him.

number he used was 079** 588991




While not violent - this time - who knows what might happen in the future. Also, I am sure that impersonating a policeman is a criminal offense which the police might like to know about.

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