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Amnesty Int. Urge Roi To Drop Plans To Criminalize Clients

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Some interesting points made.


For starters enforcing the law would rely on the police (or Gardai) intercepting telecommunications between client and worker, which wouldn't happen because they don't currently have the power to do that.


Secondly, the proposed bill does not remove any of the laws drawn up in 2008 which criminalise the sex worker. This means if the law is passed sexworkers who work together are still committing the crime of running/managing a brothel (which is the case in Sweden).


To convict the client, a sexworker would need to appear in court to testify against him (which would mean she would have to end up admitting if she had been working in a brothel or not).


edit: I typed ROI in the title but the law is being proposed for N. Ireland.

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