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Hi Guys and Girls,


With quite a number of new faces appearing on the MK scene this year, I thought it might be worth seeing if there are any contenders out there for a Twitter MK Long Tongue Photo Contest?


Chloe, Carla and Joanna (now back in MK Temptations apparently) were early popular suggestions in previous posts a few months ago, and I can certainly vouch for the former!  By having a long tongue, I guess that means for example it can reach near the bottom of the chin, touch the nose or just generally gets a consistent "WTF!!!" when people see it.


In my experience a lot of guys really appreciate a long-tongued girl (even just as a surprise one-off appreciation, if not a definite longstanding fetish), whether for DFK or to watch in BJ action etc, and it's a shame the girls who are lucky enough to have one don't generally make the most of it, such as in their descriptions. 


So if any of you girls are up for it, please share the pleasure with us guys and it could of course also attract future meetings by lessening the 'lottery element'.




Looking forward to seeing any offerings!  :P




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err my tongue isnt THAT long lol x

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