Anyone Recommend A Genuine Japanese Uniform Escort ?

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I've often enjoyed the company of the asian ladies in London when I visit, but I was completely taken in by a dreadful bait and switch last time. What I'm really interested in  is a girl who will look like the ones in the japanese porn videos with the real school girl uniforms, not the tiny mini skirts and half a white shirt. Does anyone know of a good asian escort who has real uniforms that they dress up in (and take off) ;-)


Any good recommendations greatly appreciated

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I have never come across genuine uniforms of any kind on the oriental scene. It's all jokey sex-shop merchandise.


If you are serious about this special interest, you will need to find yourself


- a regular favourite girl who understands your requirements and will play along


- the gear itself, to your specs and at your expense


Assuming that possession of such garments would raise security issues at home :ph34r:, you ask the girl to store it at her place for your regular visits.


The girl has two things to gain from this arrangement: first, hooking you as a regular, the uniform being a hostage ensuring your return visits. Second, a distinctive and superior outfit with which she can excite some of her other clients too (cue spanking games if you discover any suspicious stains etc.  :cool: )

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Thanks for the thoughts - much as I suspected as only the ann summers type stuff on offer up to now.


Great forum and nice active area for asian escorts - I'm new to the forum and an irregular London visitor but will contribute when I can.

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