dnagerous guy in Watford

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Posting for Kelly of Watford as has no computer

Short , 5'2" stocky Asian guy in early 30's poses as "the Godfather" from Punternet which we know is a lie. Offered to post ads for her on PN, which she paid him to do

Very short hair and works out

Quite violent and grabbed money back for service she provided

His number is 07956 2**874

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Thanks Steve,..and if I could just make it very clear to the ladies that I NEVER make a booking using my punternet handle so if you get somebody claiming to be my namesake and making a booking, you can probably bet that he's up to no good.

There has been the odd occasion when I have disclosed to a few wg's that I am godfather but this has only been at their request and in the course of conversation.


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