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Wasn't sure where to put this as this aw girl doesn't seem to have any roots and tours a lot.

Anyone had the pleasure of seeing this delightful sounding, almost too good to be true young lady?

Am off to Cardiff Friday for the Rugby and she's touring there at the same time.

Plenty of reviews from what appear to be seasoned punters but am still relatively inexperienced in this so would like the views of those on here.


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As you say, the lady has a lot of feedback from a lot of seasoned punters.

The amount of feedback over such a short time for a "new" lady is unusual.

It suggests she works occasionally, and that a high proportion of the gentlemen she sees leave feedback.


- 14 feedbacks in October - her first "full month", only one FB previously on the last day of September.

- on 3 occasions there were 3 feedbacks posted on the same day

- on 5 occasions there were 2 feedbacks posted on the same day

- 8 feedbacks in 4 days 2 to 5 Oct.

- 4 feedbacks in 2 days 24 and 25 Nov 

- 5 feedbacks in 3 days 9 to 11 December


It may be that the lady works occasionally, takes bookings through the booking feature and successfully encourages feedback.

As I regularly peruse the profiles of local ladies, obtaining feedback that rapidly is unusual and a touch suspicious, though I can't see how it can be faked.



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