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The Happy Punter

Submissive Clues

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I enjoy meeting ladies who are comfortable either giving or receiving both a F/S but also mixing that in with some lite (and I do mean lite) either D/s play - with me either giving or receiving - depending largely on my mood or chemistry etc.


I do especially however enjoy it when a lady lets me be more D and take the lead - but and this might seem strange (or not) but I enjoy discovering for myself based on mood/chemistry which will work best for our liaison.


But I have often wondered if the following are clues to the lady being of a more submissive (bent) - giving and receiving spanking I think is always revealing - a lady who is a Dom wouldn't enjoy being spanked (I think but don't know for sure) - so when I see on a profile spanking (giving), spanking (receiving) it attracts my attention.


Also I have found that if a lady offers anal in her repertoire that this is often an indicator that she is comfortable with a submissive role.


Not every lady states in their profile that they enjoy being submissive so I guess what I am asking is my clue reading kind of in the ball park or are there other clues. 


I don't like or enjoy asking outright as I enjoy the process of discovery as I say...I haven't met many ladies who can dom me effortlessly - the professional dom's I have seen just have had me in stitches of laughter and its just got to feel right and be right.


I have learnt that I enjoy GFE with a little kink throw in which seems to work for me rather well but I much prefer to D rather than sub! :)



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Share on other sites sorry , should have posted that in the general discussion section ....its my age sometimes a little computer challenged - thank you for your patience! :)

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