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feminists making laws

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Nothing to do with trying to stop human-traficking.

The home secretary herself said "It is only a good thing if the new laws deter men from visiting prostitutes".

These two women, you know their names, have always been trying to lock men into marriages.

Earlier, they tried to associate the same kind of financial committments for co-habiting couples with married couples.

They hate prostitutes because they know that no woman can give the kind of pleasure a good WG can provide.

WGs don't talk about ex-boyfriends, don't nag about your income, don't have headaches for two weeks.

I am so annoyed with our general inclination to quietly admit stupid laws. Labour is losing.

These new legislations will certainly help Labour lose further votes.

They will cause healty part of the economy. But these feminists do not

care a jot. They will do everything to pass these laws before the next elections.

I know for a fact that these legislations will go through.

I am not sure how seriously they will be implemented.

What worries me is that Punternet and the rival adult site may

get closed down. Then, we will go back to 1990s.

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There's always ways around being monitored. Tor is one of the main ways. There's always encrypted anonymous proxies hosted in other countries. Even if the government monitor internet comms, they won't be able to see what you're browsing through these two methods...

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These women are part of a Radical Feminist minority right out on the loony fringes of feminist thought. They give feminism a bad name. Unfortunately it's the loonies who get all the headlines. A bit like the fundamentalist Christians who claim to speak for all Christians. The moderate Christian voice, and the moderate feminist voice, tend to get drowned out.

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