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Hi all,


Just wondering if anybody else feels that night&day escorts have gone down hill a bit.


They must be the oldest agency and i have had some cracking punts with their girls previously (amiley,  Becky, Loiuse, violet to name a few) but the last 2 times i've had poor services. Both times the girls made it clear one "pop" and that was it cloths on end of punt despite paying for the hour.

I've  always found the photos on their website accurate in the past but the my last punt was clearly not the girl in the photo or had been severely photo shopped (no tattoos in the photo girl turns up and has loads and looks nothing like the photo).

Also we all like fresh breath but the girl had just had a cigarette - she must have put it out 1 min before.


Anybody else having the same or have i just been really unlucky from which used to be a fantastic agency, .    

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