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The Push For A Cashless Society

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Folks - you will notice in the press an ever growing call for a cashless society. Now, to comment on this would be called a conspiracy theory, but alas it is not; its a conspiracy fact. In the US, it is labelled as being to prevent tax evasion, and in the EU to prevent bank runs. What it really is about though is CONTROL. How this will directly affect punters and service providers is that the only way that a lady could be paid for services would be for a bank to bank transfer and how many punters would be happy for that to occur, for it to be traceable back to their bank statement, for the government to know that they are breaking the law in certain circumstances. It will also stop people who like to use recreational drugs, or performance enhancing products. Everything you do will be 100% visible to the government and all of its tentacles.  


Of course, aside from stopping you enjoying your hobby or ladies earning a living (which with the more and more repressive laws the conservascum government are planning to introduce) it will be devastating for all people in society, especially the most vulnerable. The amount of homeless ex services people with PTSD for example will have their only way of getting money for food gone straight away. People with banking problems will have no method to live avoiding the thieving bankers It is perilous and will complete the take over of the country and this needs to be defeated. 


So, if you care about the last vestiges of freedoms you have, you need to educate yourself about this and start to get involved in protests Not petitions which are worthless, but actually get involved in educating other people about the danger of this. 


Areas to look at where this will be introduced will be through the TTIP - a devastating "trade agreement" which makes corporations more powerful that sovereign laws of the land. 


You should be educating yourself about this for the good of all people in the UK. However, if you take a purely selfish view on this, your ability to pop out for a knee trembler on the sly paying cash will be gone.



It will be sold to you as more convenient for you, but that is a smoke screen. It is about total control over you by a fascist government led by large corporations. 




7,000,000 postal votes my arse. 

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