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How about this technique for avoidance?

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Of course it'll cost more, but...

The punter makes the booking, but rather than meeting at an incall or an outcall location, they meet in a public place, like a pub or a train station. It's surely not illegal to meet a WG in a public place.

Previously, the punter had booked a hotel room nearby, or somewhere else in the city. He didn't mention the hotel location when he made the booking. When they meet, they walk to the hotel, or take a taxi, the tube, whatever. And privately discuss the world events at his hotel room :eek:.

Of course, if the MI6 or the KGB is after the punter, they'll still nick him, but otherwise, not so easy, I'd say.

This would be an example of the industry going underground, and of course the WG would have to agree to do it, as it removes some layers of security that she currently has. There'd be some risk for the WG as nobody else would know the hotel location. But once an agency or the indie get to know you, they may do it. It would also cost several times more, but would be worth the risk reduction, IMHO.

What do you think?

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