[Nl] Min. Of Saj Wants To Partially Introduce Swedish Model

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In the Netherlands he Minister of Security and Justice wants to partially introduce the Swedish Model. It is a modification to the proposal of the Regulation of Prostiution Act (Wet Regulering Prostitutie).


The proposed law defines as a crime:

- exploiting or having as personal member, a sex worker under 21 years old;

- buying sex from a prostitute who is younger than 21 years old;

- being a prostitute without a registration and without a special permit where only are shown his/her photo and his/her age, but not his/her name.

Prostitutes between 18 and 21 years old remain able to do their work, without breaking the law.


The maximum imprisonment for the punter buying sex with someone under 21 years old, will be (after the Act is operational) - as far as I know - one year imprisonment.


Note: At this moment this Act is not operational. Punters buying sex from a prostitute who is younger than 18 years old are breaking the law, which is now the case in Valkenburg.

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