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Asian Carina

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If I remember correctly….


The last time I saw Carina’s Homepage and About Me photos they belonged to a girl I knew as Jaymi - I had booked her for an hour through Invasian back in April.


However, she became “homeless” at that time, and the room that we were planning to borrow in Paddington needed to be used by the usual occupant and so my booking was cancelled at a few hours notice. She then went “On holiday” and subsequently vanished!


I believe that she had two sets of pictures, one set cutie-pie (still viewable if you search “Jaymi Invasian”) and one set man-eater, from which Carina’s are taken - see her March 15th review on Invasian.


As it happened, I dodged a bullet – subsequent investigating revealed that Jaymi was in fact Yori,  who I’d seen in July 2014 through Asian Supermodel when she lived near Warren Street.


She had been a rather disappointing punt – she was attractive enough, but would not accept any RO and her OWO was dreadful – basically a wank in the vague vicinity of her mouth! Once into the sex she was a complete zombie fuck-doll which got the job done. Not my cup of tea, so I had never planned to go back.



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