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Anal Play - Hod / Annabellas

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To all fellow punters - Can anyone recommend a lady from hod / Annabellas who enjoys receiving Anal play and ideally digital stimulation, there are a lot of profiles that state anal play but never agreeable at the time and frustratingly not clear if giving or receiving (G or R) and digital stimulation seems to have come and gone.  Adele introduced me to the wonders of Fisting but again a 1 in a million opportunity it would seem, even with girls like Bianca offering the service reports would suggest otherwise.


Ideally someone who has the glorious more relaxed qualities of Elise or Adele who seemed to enjoy the wonders of non-vanilla fun.  I adore Ariana who sadly has Anal listed but never agreeable despite 2 girl reports with Angel when anal play between girls has been noted... I found Soraya to be outstanding but she sadly dissapeared from Hod as did Sadie.  My recent visits with Selena, Ariana, Tattiana, Apple are perfectly enjoyable in a vanilla way but just missing the kinky side for me.


By the way I not talking about jabbing a girl without care or sense!

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