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Just found mention of  real deal parties on Fabswingers.


I'm a bit suspicious. Firstly because I don't like "professionals" to use swinger sites to advertise themselves.


Then, their description is a bit, how can we say, racist?



looking for sexy guys ages 25/49.. Most be White / black. Inbox 4 details.


However they only charge £35 for a gangbang, so I'm tempted.


Your views.

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I get what you mean about professionals advertising on a website that is supposed to be free... I guess charging will keep the numbers down ( I think girls will be inundated with indecent proposals from horny men on those kind of sites).


As for the race description, I agree with you in principle (I'm black & the number of escorts who have a blanket ban on black guys for whatever reason is pretty depressing) but, at the end of the day, it's her choice on who she does and doesn't see... it's not worth getting upset over. The way I see it, they're not getting any of my hard earned cash... and they don't get to see my superb ass :P


Gangbangs aren't really my thing... but I would say go for it (provided you meet their criteria of course). If you don't like it, you can leave any time and you've only lost £35... not even a round of drinks in London lol.

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