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I was in Japan last year. Friend of mine was getting married. Since this was a long trip and I never been to this part of the world. I've decided to stay there for 2 weeks. And obviously during that trip ... and totally out of curiosity ! :D i've decided to do some punting here and there.... but things went wrong ! 


Things I find out while being there :) 


- If you're not Japanese it's almost impossible to see an escort girl. (they call you Ghanji !) you simple cannot visit any brothel or agency. There is a PIMP or Bodyguard in front of every single agency and they simple don't let you in if you're white or black ! 

- 99% of escort works for agencies or brothels. (and this is perfectly legal in Japan) 

- If you're looking for an independent Japanese escort that see the foreigners I recommend Riopongo hills (you might get lucky) but in most cases you will end up with Korean girl or a Filipino 

- Finally ! Adultwork got it's page out there :) but many girls working on it but I've managed to find one (half polish ! yesssss polish in tokyo) half polish half japanes... although she didn't speak polish at all lol (i'm polish myself) she was keen on seeing foreigners. (she looks like japanes girl. Easy to find just type Tokyo in aw search engine the only blond girl there ... (there is only 8 of them) ;) 



Next month I'm going to Tokyo (again) 


perhaps you can push me into the right direction ?!


I love Japanes girls.. i mean I Love to watch them online... but how score one in Tokyo !? i haven't got a clue ! 


Help ! 

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Don't you mean Gaijin (pronounced Guy-Jin), Which means foreigner or more literally, 'Alien'?


Never been to Japan to punt myself, but just you mentioned, I've also heard it's notoriously difficult for westerners and can be comparitively very expensive, if you get lucky. The Japanese are very friendly or should I say polite, but they're ultra conservative for the most part.....very insular, sexually. You will find the occasional mixed race or more travelled Japanese person, who might be more open minded.


I've a few friends out there, they're always telling me to go over, but girls tend to be introduced through people they know. So, if you have friends over there, maybe try hook it up via them.


I'd rather go to Thailand for all that - but i know Japanese women have a very specific look/style and attitude, coy and quite different than your more open and raunchy Thai woman ;)


I'd be interested to hear what your Polish-Japanese mix girl is like!, bet she's stunning!? :D

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There are independent girls who will happily see foreigners but you will have to google them yourself. I think One I've noticed a lot is www.kansaicherryblossoms.com but there don't appear to be too many girls available right now. Massages are much more common and you will probably have more luck there with shops or outcalls to your hotel but they tend to be strictly limited to no sex! I've never tried any of these so only go by reading other posts. There are also various forums used by expats which might be helpful. You also might try contacting Mitsuki who comes over to London occasionally but I'm not sure where in Japan she is based so might involve fees for travelling

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There are some gaijin-friendly places and agencies. Have a long read at TokyoAdultGuide.

The last time I punted there in an Ikebukuro Soap Land. Very similar to sauna types at other places.

Must say the gaijin-friendly places don't have the freshest selections or are the nicest places.

If you're willing to shell out the yen then what the hell do it for the experience.

My best advice is to go to Thailand or China instead.


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