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Canary Wharf - Who Do You Trust?

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There seem to be a lot of options in this area, a couple of which have been mentioned in recent months (e.g Suzi/star). Those two have great and have plentiful reviews. But there are a number of wgs that have been on the other site for a year at least, and manage to still have no reviews what so ever. I'm thinking of paloma..sweet in particular. Great pictures, but surely either totally amazing in the flesh, or a b+s. Either way, how is it possible that after such a lengthy period in service, there are still 0 reviews...are the ones like this dodgy? Another weird one is renata - great photos and reviews, but never replies to emails, calls, texts etc despite logging in every day. What's going on? I prefer agencies, but for some reason there don't appear to be many of these in the Canary Wharf area. Anyone have any other recommendations (in the 20-25yr range)

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