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Please Be Careful- Brentwood

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079604091**. Mid 20's Asian man, average height and size. Man rung and asked to book an appointment in five minutes, kept calling up to say he would be five minutes more. 30 minutes later he showed up, was strange from the start, taking ages to give the money over, aggressive in how he spoke, gave me the feeling that he could be very dangerous. He was only meant to stay 15 minutes so I felt I could manage that, he ended up staying 45 minutes, I could not get him out of the room, in the appointment he spanked me so hard that it is still stinging an hour later. Shouted at me to just make him come and kept calling me a stupid whore. Normally I can cope with things like this but something about him, really shook me up. Girls please be careful, he calmed down when I mentioned I will call the police but not completely and something about him made me think he could be very dangerous. I asked a few questions and found out he just lost his job as a stock broker and lives in Brentwood.

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