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Kodi Rocks!

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No, its not some Pornstar name. LOL. Its a free open source program which can be downloaded on all platforms: Windows, IOS, Android, Linux. ( With IOS, its only for MAC, not for IPADs. 

I thought most of the people know about it, but after talking with some of my friends and clients its appear not so.

In short: after installing this program: you can add various Add ons to it, and then able to stream content to any devise: TV, laptop. Tablet, PC etc. Mainly people using it to steam movies (you can find there any movie you want and in HD quality). Sports. (All Sky sports channels, BT Sport, Eurosport, and many others without subscription of course). There is of course TV shows, Porn channels,(obviously!) international channels...and abundance of other stuff, to long to mention.

I am not sure about legality of it, but as far as I know, Kodi is 100% legal, but not certain about some Add ons. AFAIK: if you not downloading, but just streaming it, its should be legal. (but maybe somebody can correct me on it)

Mainly: the easiest way to run Kodi on your TV (if you want to watch it on the big screen), its from device which runs Android platform and connect through HDMI port. Some tablets can do it, but better get separate devise which can be connected to TV permanently. Any Android box, (lots of them on Amazon or Ebay for around £30),  as well as Amazon Fire Stick or Android Fire TV.

I found that cheap Chinese Android boxes a bit slow and unresponsive and the best performance you can get its from Amazon Fire stick/Fire TV. (Or Nvidia Shield, but it can be overkill if you not into gaming)

To put on Kodi on AFT (Amazon Fire Stick) not exactly straightforward, as the Amazon does not allow to put Apps on it which is not approved by them. (and Kodi one of those unfortunately). You need side load it, which is not that difficult, but its a bit of the faffing required.

Alternatively, you can buy already chipped amazon fire stick from Ebay for around £50 ((This one for example). where everything installed for you. Or you can save yourself £15 and do it yourself in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

The problem with it, you never can have time to sleep, (or work and sleep in my case, lol) as it so much to watch!








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Thanks for this information. I did not see it before writing my post about streaming sports - I have learnt my lesson and will look out for your posts in future.

I had certainly never heard of Kodi before your post and neither have the people I asked about it.

Thanks, Xenia.

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