Confusing or funny texts in this business.

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So any funny texts from either side that just did not make any sense or were funny? 

I have just received one which said 'Yu hef 60 yers'

That could be 'You have 60 years' (meaning he thinks I am very old) or 'You have 60 yes' (trying to reduce the price).

Or the one about a month ago asking if he could make an application for tomorrow (predictive texting but still funny) 


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Oh god that's a great topic....I get a mixture of frustration/amusement by clients who text me. Some who have never even been to see me yet who seem to fancy a daily chat (as if I haven't got anything better to do) I think some must get on the booze and try and start up a convo and some that are just plain daft. I must say I haven't really had any abuse YET but most of the rubbish that comes through does make me chuckle. My most recent confusing one is this...

So I'm pleased you have no probs in me cuming for you (ur photos) I will reimburse u ... Xxx

the mind boggles!

more or less on a daily basis they keep me rather entertained I must say lol!


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