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I am off to Hong Kong for 6 days in late January and wanted some   recommendations for the best places to visit for the best         massage, night life and pick up bars in Kowloon or the island


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Hi Jon,

HK is an amazing place for punting. Wan Chai is the main 'Red Light' district and I have posted a report here:


Do not go into the places where the girls stand outside and invite you in - you will get ripped off as there is no such thing as 'free drink'!

Another area is in Kowloon, particularly Temple Street. This is a busy market area but you will see girls, mostly Chinese, waiting in doorways who will offer you 'Massage Mister'. Agree the price and service before going in. It helps if you can speak Chinese, but if not most girls have enough English. Crime is low in HK, but this is a crowded area so be careful of pick pockets as you will be carrying cash.

My favorite place is K390. Head north up Nathan Road to Jordan. Turn left into Jordan Road then right into Woosun street. It's on the left with a big yellow sign 'K390' and English saying "Man's Pleasure" - it does not get any clearer than that! My report is here:


If you are looking for walk-ups or hotel visits then sex141.com is the site to visit. Again, Chinese helps but is not essential. Prices get better further away from Wan Chai or Kowloon.

On a practical point, HK can get quite cold in January so do pack some warm clothes. Don't forget to report back - I was there last October, so an update would be useful.

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