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Arrested Jihaddists Planned Attacks On Sex Clubs

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They haven't gone away, you know! The French authorities have arrested 6 of these scum, 2 of whom were planning the November style attacks on swingers clubs!
It's a bit rich that these shits would have blown themselves up after such attacks, believing they would be rewarded with many virgins looking after their needs up in heaven!
It was fairly obvious, given the statements from IS after the November atrocities that they were in part prompted by the infidels acting in an immoral fashion by drinking alcohol and allowing women out in public to socialise with men and not 'togged out' either, that swingers clubs, brothels and gay bars would also be prime targets in their eyes!mad.gif
I wonder what rad fems and religious loons here would have made of it, given their mutual frothing @ the mouth hatred of sex workers and consensual heterosexual sex, quite a number of them would give the thumbs up to such attacks!mad.gif
BTW Swinhgers clubs have grown enormously in popularity after DSK's activities came to light!biggrin.gif Also If The French authorities notice that there is pay for play at these clubs, they are closed immediately!

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