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Photoshop - hilarious!

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I've never laughed so much for the small cost of £100.

As boobmen do, I like great natural racks on slim frames. Now I do realise that some relaxation of the slim frame requirement maybe necessary for the purpose of finding those rare lovely-big-perfect boobs. I'm a realist.

So, there's this escort I've been drooling over her photos for several months. Huge breasts, natural and a slim frame. £100 for 30 mins.

When I booked her the agency actually warned me that there had been complaints about the liberal use of photoshop. After much discussion I decided to TOFTT, and for academic reasons. The nice lady at the agency said if she is a million miles from the photos (she had supplied them) then I don't have to stay. 

So I arrived at her flat. She had just returned from an outcall so was attired glamourously. My first thought was, OMG how wrong the agency was. She was stacked like Jordan BUT natural. Her cleavage was popping out! She had a slim waist! I thought I have truly struck oil this time!

I wanted to savour the moment of unwrapping but disappointingly she was all geared up for a quick undress. So in one swoop she wrenched off the trousers/knickers combination, and off came the top leaving only her bra.


Her waist was slim because her the waist of her trousers were so tight it acted like a girdle! Without it she looked quite 'pregnant without being pregnant', if you see what I mean. She was spilling out. But that's not all (remember I don't mind being realistic for the quest of finding the perfect big boobs) I could see that her bra was made of some metal underwiring that gave a big round shape. The 'cleavage' was only a little fleshy bit pushed up by the bra. When that came off WTF???!!! Her boobs were tiny. At least they looked tiny in comparison to her waist. And they dropped down to her waist also.

Too late to walk out. So here's the reason I'm writing about it. Should there be a Register of Severe Photoshop Misdirection?

I have fortunately also seen perfect specimens of the Slim and Stacked kind. I think there should be some quick means of differentiating between the real thing and the impostors. (in this case, the very thing the photoshopping is trying to accentuate simply is non existent)


To think I spent months drooling over that particular one, and the one called Aka who now appears to be off the radar in London (similar experience)!!!!!

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I hope you have written a review of her here on Punternet  so that others are not misled by her.

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